Clean Jeju – where humanity and nature coexist.
For the sustainable growth of Jeju along with plenty of leisure 
and abundance, JBA, a business support specialized agency, will be with you at all times.

For the past 20 years, since its establishment in 1998, the Jeju Business Agency has been making the utmost efforts to stabilize management and develop the growth of small businesses in the region, and has established itself as an economic and trade professional institution that actively addresses the needs of  residents through funds, exports, sales channels, certifications, and start-up support.
All of our executives and employees here at JBA promise to continue creating a "Jeju where jobs are created and the dreams and happiness of residents grow,” and a “business-friendly Jeju” by creating practical support services that reflect the voice of the field.

I ask for your continued support and attention.

Thank you.


CEO of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Business Agency