Improving the management conditions of small and medium sized businesses & revitalizing the regional economy


The establishment of economic and trade specialist institutions that support the growth of small and medium sized businesses

Management Policy

New challenges, Building up strong companies

Management goal for 2021

A 10% average annual increase
in services of supported companies
An average annual sales growth of 10%
in market support
Excellent agency for external customer satisfaction (higher than 90 points)

4 main objectives & 12 strategic tasks

Support for corporate growth

and self-sustaining

① Discovering support projects for successful startups

② Stabilizing management and strengthening competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses

③ Expanding support for weak industries

④ Strengthening self-reliance in local businesses

Creation of distribution channels

⑤ Establishing a customer-centered online distribution system

⑥ Support for Jeju Special Products development and promotion marketing

⑦ Strengthening the brand image of Jeju products

Strengthening export competitiveness

⑧ Export support services for each overseas region

⑨ Establishing a customized export support system

Establishing a sustainable management system

⑩ Strengthening the progress capacity of key projects

⑪ Creating a  good work life home life balance

⑫ Securing financial operational efficiency